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February 22, 2012
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Till Next Time... by SerenaVerdeArt Till Next Time... by SerenaVerdeArt
I promised a story when I first posted the preliminary sketch of this, so, now that the drawing is finished, here I am. (DOOM DOOM DOOOOMMM...)
After submitting "Defiance" I thought I probably had to spend some words to explain Vehnas and Messirama's relationship, and since I had already planned a picture with them in first place, what better time?
Onward, to the wall of word!


I may have mentioned already how pretty much all the Embodiments openly dislike Vehans, which is, of course, not a surprise considering how easy is to dislike him.
On the other hand, we can safely say that their hostility is well reciprocated by Vehnas himself, yet, having him found in Istaaz a "pastime" gratifying enough, he never really cared about them, merely enjoying their indignation for the attentions he likes to dedicate to poor Fate.

Messirama, even being the newcomer among the Embodiments, made really no exception in this scenario. She learnt almost immediately that it was best to stay away from him, especially since he made no mystery of his... uhm, disapproval, when she dared to mess up with his precious toy (the stabbing I talked about in Messirama's Death picture).
At first everything was fine, but yes, Vehans did have some kind of interest in her, mostly because she proved herself capable not only to hurt an Embodiment, but also to heal them afterwards when nothing else seemed to work: he was in the belief that she could help him healing back his missing eye.
Of course, not only Messirama wasn't willing to help him in any way, she also avoided him on regular basis, until he finally seemed to lose interest in her almost completely.

Time had passed since he first started seeing Istaaz, and even though he never ceased tormenting her, he couldn't help noticing that all the other Embodiments had grown so accustomed with the situation that they seemed to almost don't care about it anymore.
After all, Istaaz proved herself strong enough to stand up to him, and she clearly stated she didn't need anyone's help, so, even if all the others still felt quite sorry for her situation, in the end they gave up on her, thus abandoning Fate to... well, her fate.
Now, if there's something Vehans really can't stand is probably *quiescence*... I mean, he didn't bother so much to ruin some lady's life just to be ignored by the bystanders, not so blatantly at least... not to mention that the lady in question herself still didn't seem willing to grant him the attention he required from her, and that's why he decided, at some point, to get himself a different "leverage".
This leverage went under the name of Messirama.
This other lady wasn't exactly the most loved among the other Embodiments, yet, she met a particular requirement that Vehnas considered crucial for his purposes: she was in an *extremely* friendly relationship with Grhon, the Embodiment of Warfare.
Now, Grhon was probably the only one who never shown any real concern regarding Istaaz situation. Not because he didn't care about her, on the contrary, he had so much respect for the Blind Fate that he found the sole idea of being concerned about her almost insulting. Yeah, twisted...
Anyway, Vehans knew that if he wanted him to lose his temper, he had to hit the right nerve. And that's when he started focusing his attention on Miss Poisontongue.

She wasn't a big deal. It took him very little time to figure out how to break her, and it was even more entertaining than he thought, since she kept fighting and struggling every time, even though she already knew she had no chance to win. Yet, to his disappointment, she didn't seem intentioned to talk about her problem to anyone (let alone Grhon!)... she just did her best to keep the abuses secret, which was something that obviously discorded with Vehans' plans.
To fix this, he just decided that he was going to leave her a token of his passage after each visit. Something she couldn't just wash away or hide behind a fake smile, something that could slip away from her view and get missed on the floor, or between the sheets...
Something that, sooner or later, was going to be found.


Picture details:
Staedtler karat and Prismalo caran d'ache
A4 size, ivory paper 200g/m2
Sketch and Walktrough on Tumblr [link] and [link]

Messirama, Vehnas, "Inavesu - The Timeless" (c) Serena Verde
Don't use this picture in any way without my explicit permission.


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PaperandDust Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The expression. The hair. The skin. I like how you didn't show much of him, it works so well, and compliments the backstory beautifully.

Lovely job! Happy new year!
AxelVIIIThePyroPunK Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
bellissimo, e la colorazione perfetta. complimenti :)
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It's fantastic!!!
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Fantastic capture of emotion in her face, even the eyes! very impressive!
SerenaVerdeArt Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
:heart: 6-19-12 - This piece has been showcased on my profile page as today's daily feature. Thank you for making such great art.
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Thanks to you for the feature :heart:
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